Conceal Carry Holsters made for Women by a Woman

Safe, Concealed, Accessible and Comfortable to wear all day every day!

Made in USA

Hi! I’m Pam. I’m 65 years old, a wife, mother and grandmother. I’ve been a conceal carry permit holder for over 20 years and designer of the bosumbuddy™ line of products.

If you’ve had your permit as long as I have, you’ve probably had a similar experience trying to find a comfortable, concealable and accessible holster.

I’ve tried many of them.

I always wanted to carry on body. I knew all of the reasons why carrying in my purse wasn’t ideal but at least it was nearby!

I tried the ankle holster, bellyband, IWB and others. They are all great holsters, and they work for lots of women but for me each had its problems.

The ankle holster required wide leg pants and getting to it wasn’t fast or easy!

The bellyband is great for concealment and accessibility, but I couldn’t wear it in warmer weather and it rode up and down my torso.

The IWB requires a belt which I tried and hated! But its great for concealment, accessibility and safety.

So, I decided to create my own holsters.