Meet Pam, the creator of bosumbuddy.

Hi! I’m Pam, 65 years old, wife, mother and grandmother-which is the best!

I’ve been a conceal carry permit holder for over 20 years and designer of the bosumbuddy™ line of holsters.

If you’ve had your permit as long as I have you’ve probably had a similar experience trying to find a safe, comfortable, concealable and accessible holster to wear on body.

I’ve tried ankle holsters, bellybands, Kydex IWB and others. They are all great holsters, and they work for lots of women but for me each had its challenges.

The ankle holster required wide leg pants and getting to it wasn’t fast or easy!

The bellyband is great for concealment and accessibility, but I couldn’t wear it in warmer weather, and it rode up and down my torso.

The traditional Kydex IWB holster requires a belt. I don’t wear belts and visiting the restroom is a challenge.

So, I decided to create my own.

I’ve sewn my whole life, so it made sense to start there.

It also made sense to take advantage of a piece of clothing women wear everyday…. the bra!

There are straps over the shoulders and a band around the torso…perfect for concealment of the belt and stability of the holster on the body!

Also, I wanted to take advantage of one of the best places for women to conceal their firearm-the sweet spot! That space between the bustline and the waistline in the center chest area.

After over one hundred prototypes and wearing each prototype over many hours or days I decided on the Bullet.

bosumbuddy™ Bullet:

Patent Pending

The bosumbuddy™ Bullet is small, light, and comfortable. The Bullets strap snaps around the gore or center of the bra and the 1″ adjustable belt is worn over the bra band. It is adjustable up and down, side to side for best concealment. There are three layers of heavy-duty elastic over the firearm and its comfortable enough to wear all day everyday with just about any outfit!

I wear this holster with my S&W 380 EZ everywhere whether shopping, biking or playing pickleball!

bosumbuddy™ Bellyband:

Patent Pending


I quickly realized I could also wear the Bullet around my waist/hip area! It is comfortable, accessible and concealment was great!

The bosumbuddy™ Bellyband is the Bullet without the bra strap. It has the same three layers of heavy-duty elastic, 2” adjustable belt and sticky fabric on the back to hold the holster in place. A sticky holster with a belt for additional stability!

bosumbuddy™ Belted Kydex Holster:

Patent Pending

The Belted Kydex Holster is a full size Kydex holster with a 1” adjustable elastic belt that runs behind the firearm inside the holster.

An adjustable suede strap snaps around the gore or center of the bra and the belt is worn around the bra band as tightly as comfortable for concealment. It’s adjustable up and down and side to side.

I love this holster! I carry my S&W 380 EZ in it and it is firm and stable on my body again taking advantage of the sweet spot. It’s comfortable, accessible and re-holstering is a breeze.

Finally, all of bosumbuddy’s products are focused on quality and using the best raw materials. The designs and colors are specific and meant to coordinate for all your holster needs.

But most of all, regardless of what holster you purchase our hope is more women get their CCW permit and carry-on body!

Thanks so much!


Keep posted for future color combinations and products!!!